This is my first attempt at blogging so I am muddling through it. I am a novice instructional designer in that I have played the part once about a year ago developing lesson plans for an updated helicopter for the Army. I found four blog sites that were interesting to me and hope that by reading these blogs, I will enhance my knowledge of what I want to pursue with the rest of my career. I am intrigued by training and have always enjoyed it but never ventured outside of military schools and methodology. These sites address what I feel will benefit me the most. This blog interested me because it seems to delve into where we are going today with technology and the online classroom. I feel I have a certain inadequacy when it comes to finding the right words sometimes and this blog addresses that for me as well as an abundance of information about instructional systems design. I This particular blog address making learning interesting, something I am definitely interested in. It describes using scenarios and practical applications to enhance the learners experience. She discusses creating scenarios that tests the student’s ability to actually put their knowledge into play, not just know it. She also address networking and how to The American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) has this blog on their homepage. This blog was interesting to me because it addresses corporate instructional systems design, something I know very little about. I feel that my past experience in the military will benefit me to a point but I need to learn more about corporate culture and how to explore it. Christy Tucker blogs a lot about learning styles and methods, something I have recently grown interested in. It will be good to read other accounts of learning methods outside of required course reading.